Thursday, December 25, 2008

2 Months

Today marks our 2 month anniversary. Today is also special because one year ago, Drew proposed! It seems fitting to tell the story here since I never have.

I woke up early, like I usually do. It was our first Christmas living together and our apartment was decorated so cute. I even made cute stockings for us, Simon too. I had had stuff in Drew's stocking for a couple weeks. I kept making comments to him that he had stuff in his but I didn't have anything in mine, not even a candy bar! One day, I caught him slipping one in there. Christmas morning arrives and I make him get out of bed much earlier than I normally do. I'm still such a child at heart and get so excited to open presents. I make Drew open all of his presents first. I bought him some poker cards, books, clothes, things like that that I knew he would like.

Then, I start opening mine. There were four boxes that were all the same size and a smaller one. He also had a hold of my stocking with a death grip and would not let me have it yet. I open up the first of the four same-sized boxes and find magazines. I wasn't impressed, they weren't even good magazines. After seeing the look on my face, he decided not to make me open the other three, which were all magazines too. I open up the smaller box and it's an iPod Nano. I was so excited. I had been wanting an iPod and was very excited to finally have one.

Then, he tells me that he loves me and hands me my stocking. I didn't really think anything of it. I pull out the candy bar that I knew he had put in there and have some laughs about it. Then, I pull out a small box. I had no idea what was coming. I knew it was jewelry, but I thought it would be earrings because he had been telling me that we weren't going to be getting engaged over the holidays. I opened up the box and saw the beautiful ring that was inside. I looked up at him with tears in my eyes and asked him if he was serious. He said yes and began to tear up as he got down on one knee, took my hand, and asked me to marry him. I, of course, said yes, and jumped up to hug and kiss him.

So, Christmas day was a blur of showing off my ring and telling family and friends the news.

It's hard to believe that day was a year ago and that we're married now. Where did the year go?

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