Monday, December 15, 2008

Pro Pics 4: Me and My Maids

Back to some more pictures of us girls. Today, we'll be looking at my formals and the formals with my girls.
Brad told me to look away towards the window and to be serious and not smile. So what do I do? Start cracking up laughing!!
My sister, Rachel, was my maid of honor. I think that at times, she was more excited for the wedding than I was. She looked so beautiful and grown up. It's hard to believe she's 16 already.

Angela and I have been friends for a long time. We went to middle school together and were in the same group of friends then. In high school, we were in the Information Systems Academy together so we spent a decent amount of time together then. She decided to transfer schools her senior year, so we lost touch. Fast forward about 4 years and we both were going to NIU. I was walking down the stairs one day in Barsema and see her sitting at a table. We start talking and before we know it, we've decided to get an apartment together in DeKalb. We lived together for a semester before we both moved back to our hometowns. We've stayed close since and I couldn't imagine not having her in my wedding.

Sarah and I. We both work together.

My new sister-in-law, Jessica. Her and her husband, Eric, live in Georgia. I hate that!! She is so sweet and it sucks that we can't spend more time together. I wish that we could hang out and grow closer. I was the oldest growing up, so it's nice to have an older sister in her that I've never been able to experience. I hope that one day we can live closer together.

Nicole amazes me. She's gorgeous, a wonderful mom, a great wife. I've never seen her raise her voice or lose her temper. She's so laid back. And she's awesome to hang out with.

Amanda always makes me laugh. I always tell her that she lacks a certain "girly" gene. Her wedding, actually her rehearsal dinner, was the first time I ever saw her dressed up and in a dress. And to see her on her wedding day was amazing. It still brings tears to my eyes. She was such a gorgeous bride! Her and her husband, Josh, are high school sweethearts. Actually, I think they've been together longer than that, but who knows. They are such an adorable couple.

My mom's one request. She had a picture done like that on her wedding day and asked Brad to do one. Probably one of my favorites too!

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