Thursday, December 25, 2008

Pro Pics 5: Ceremony

I know I've kinda strayed from posting the pro pics, but I'm back!

Drew tried so hard not to cry, but he failed! He had tears streaming down his face when I made it down the aisle.
He leaned over and told me I look wonderful and I asked him why he was crying so hard.My cousin, Jenna, did our first reading. I looked over at my girls and noticed that Brad was hiding behind a pillar.Peek-a-boo, I see you!!

Rachel, Drew's sister, did our second reading.
I felt that she was too young to be in the bridal party so we asked her to do a reading. That's kinda hypocritical considering my sister isn't too much older than her, but the maid of honor spot rightfully belonged to her.

Time for some vows.

Father Butler saying the final blessing. There are many people who are a little upset that my train never got fanned. Oh well!

The Kiss!!!
Mr. and Mrs!!

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