Thursday, September 25, 2008

30 Days!

I had my 2nd dress fitting tonight! It was so exciting to have my dress zipped up and actually have it fit me, perfectly. I jumped up and down and few times, and it's not budging. My seamstress, Beth, decided that she wants to take another inch off the bottom. I'm totally fine with that; I was sort of tripping over it when I tried to walk. The bustle is amazing. Nicole came along and she was able to tie it all up.

It is hard to believe that we are only 30 days away. In 30 days, I will be a wife. I'll have a husband. The transition from calling Drew boyfriend to fiance was quite easy. Will fiance to husband be just as easy? I know that this time is going to fly by. I want it to hurry up and slow down all at the same time. It's crunch time now!!!

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