Monday, May 11, 2009

I'll Be President of the Fan Club!

Monday nights have been my tv night for quite a while now. I first started off watching "The Bachelor". Once "The Bachelor" finished up, I picked up "Dancing With the Stars". No duh that I love "Dancing With the Stars" because of my love for dance. Every week that I watch the show makes me want to start dancing again. I always want to pick up the phone and find the closest place that offers classes in the cool couples dances that are featured on the show. How fun would it be to learn how to quick step, waltz, paso, samba, and all the others?

There is no doubt that my favorite is Melissa. I was a fan of her from the moment I first saw her on "The Bachelor". I watched her when she was on Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders too. Every week, I was ecstatic when she got a rose and went further and further. Jason is quite the d-bag for dumping her the way he did. I think she handled that situation with incredible poise. I seriously should start a fan club and be the president with how much I love Melissa and "Dancing With the Stars".

What am I going to do when she's not on Monday nights anymore?

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