Sunday, March 1, 2009

We're Moved

Yes, I've been a little MIA for the past couple days. We did finally close on the house on Thursday. We spent all day running errands and packing.

Friday was a whirlwind of packing and moving. We had to make two trips with the moving truck, but we were able to get everything out of the apartment (except for our freezer food) by the end of the night Friday.

Saturday and today has just been filled with unpacking all of the boxes and putting our things in their new spots. Today, I focused on the kitchen. It is unbelievable the amount of cupboard space we have. I have things so spaced out it's ridiculous. Oh, and the pantry!!! I don't know how I've lived this long without the pantry. It's so cool. I love how organized everything is. There are little organizers to put canned goods so we can easily see how much we have of something. No more digging through the cupboards to find everything.

I'm too lazy right now to upload pictures of our moving adventures. I will do something that will make up for it though. Drew and I both have the day off on Wednesday. I thought that I would give you a little video tour of our new house. How does that sound?

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