Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Our Wedding Album

Drew and I have had our wedding album since mid-February, but I've kind of procrastinated from posting the pictures of it because I wanted my family to see it first. I was finally able to show my mom and sister this weekend, so without further ado:

These are the proofs that I viewed in order to finalize the album. They were sent to my email as small files so that's why they're so small here. Our album is from Zookbinders, which is the newest and greatest of wedding albums. The pages actually have the pictures on them. This way, our album is safe from the aging of the old albums. My only complaint about the album is that there is no engraving on the front. The inside cover has our photographer's company, which I'm very happy about. But to have the cover completely blank? Ugh!!

I'm very, very pleased with our album. I absolutely love how Brad's graphic designer arranged the pictures and used fading techniques. I honestly could look through it over and over again.

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