Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Small Update

I know, I know, bad blogger! I have been such a slacker lately on the blogging. It's not even that I've been that busy, I've just been super lazy. I think the rush of moving really tuckered me out and I've needed some time to just relax. I thought that I would take a few minutes and update what's been going on lately.

Drew and I hung out with Adam and Nicole on Sunday. The boys stayed home with their kids, and Nicole and I went shopping. We bought paint for the living room and master bedroom. We also bought all the window treatments for the master bedroom.

Drew is painting the ceiling of the living room as I sit and type this. Painting has begun!!! I don't think the ceilings really make too much of a difference since they're just being painted white again. I will be taking pictures of all the other transformations though.

A few days ago, my right eye began to ache a little bit. At first I thought that my contacts were old, so I changed those. Nothing really changed. Then, I thought that my mascara was old, so I bought a new tube of that. Yesterday, my eye hurt enough for me to start complaining about it. This morning, I woke up and my eye hurt a lot worse than yesterday, plus my upper inner eyelid was swollen. I knew I had to go to the eye doctor. I called mine and they weren't open yet. Drew called his and they were able to get me in. The doc took one look and basically said that I had a bacteria infection in my eyelid. He said that he had a sample bottle of antibiotics that he would give me. I have to put the drops in every four hours. The bad news. I have to take my contacts out to put the drops in, then put my contacts back in after a few minutes. Pain in my ass while I'm at work. The good news. The whole visit and antibiotics only cost $20. Woo hoo!!!!

Drew and I both have the day off tomorrow. We'll be doing lots of work around the house. I'll try super hard to post some pictures!

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