Sunday, October 27, 2013

Week In My Life - Saturday

I woke up around 8:00 AM and hopped right into the shower.  I was really stuffed up and my throat still hurt.  Great!  Annelise had a rough night of sleep because she came down with the same cold too.  She woke up while I was getting ready, so I got her up and got her breakfast.  I put her highchair in the hallway and finished getting ready while she ate.  Once I got done getting ready, I hung up her clothes that were in the laundry basket.

I drug Drew out of bed at 9:30.  He went and put gas in the car and stopped at McDonald's.  I really wanted some orange juice, and he picked some up for Annelise too.  She LOVED it!  A temper tantrum ensued when Drew wouldn't let her drink the whole entire thing, but she got over it fairly quickly.

I left the house around 10:10 AM.  I stopped at Walgreen's to pick up some Kleenex and vitamins.  Then, I headed up to Rockton to Cotter Barn.  I spent the day second shooting a wedding.  I arrived at the Barn shortly before 11 AM and started shooting table details right away.  The other photog arrived shortly thereafter and we started shooting the bride getting dressed.

Basically, I spent the whole day shooting wedding stuff.  Drew stayed home with Annelise.  He was supposed to work and Drew's parents were going to come over and watch Annelise when he left for work.  Drew came down with the same cold Annelise and I had, so he ultimately decided to stay home from work.

I got done with the wedding, stopped at Walgreen's (again) to pick up some medicine for Annelise and arrived home shortly before 10 PM.  She was still awake and super excited to see me.  I snuggled with her some, and then put her down for bed.  I followed shortly thereafter because I was exhausted after my long day.

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