Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Week In My Life - Tuesday

6:06 AM - I woke up with an upset stomach, but wasn't nearly ready to get up for the day.  Drew arrived home around 6:30ish, and came to bed shortly after.  We chatted for a few minutes, and I eventually drifted back off to sleep.

8:33 AM - I woke up again and decided to get up and start getting ready.  I had already declared today a lazy day since we didn't have anything to go and do, and it was supposed to snow.  I got in the shower, got dressed, then came into the office to finish up Monday's WIML post.  After I published that, I scrolled through social media.

9:30 AM - I decided to wake Annelise up because if I let her sleep any longer we would have problems with nap time, and then subsequently bed time.  I took her out to the kitchen for breakfast.  Today, she had blueberry yogurt again and a blueberry muffin.  I unloaded the dishwasher and put the pans away.
10:07 AM - I've finished cleaning up breakfast and I took Annelise back to her room to change her diaper.  I decided to leave her in her pajamas for the day.  I rarely do that, but, like I said, I've already declared today lazy day.

10:16 AM - I loaded Annelise into the car, and we went to Walgreens to pick up a prescription.
She wasn't quite sure what to make of the fact that she doesn't have any shoes on!

10:40 AM - We're back at home and we spend the rest of morning playing together and watching tv.  Well, it's really just me watching tv.  Annelise played with a bunch of toys.  She was in an awesome mood and wasn't cranky at all.  At about noon, I asked her if she wanted to go night-night and she said yes.  So, I put her in her room.  When I walked back out to the living room, I noticed that it was snowing.  It wasn't much, and didn't really stick, but it was still falling.  Ack!

12:15 PM - I remembered that there was an Apple keynote and turned on the computer to watch it.
Leo kept me company.  I watched that until about 1:20.  I was feeling tired and kind of crappy, so I turned off the computer and went back out to living room to lay down.

Drew woke up around 3:15 and started getting ready for work.  He put a pizza in the oven to eat before going to work.  I opened Annelise's bedroom door and tried to wake her up around 4:30.  She didn't even budge.  I left her door open and just figured that she'd wake up soon.  Drew went in there around 4:40 to try to wake her up, but she wasn't budging for him either!  He eventually got her up and brought her out to the living.  She looked at me with pissed off eyes because she was not ready to be up yet.  She perked up once Drew put her in her high chair and gave her some pizza.

5:10 PM - Drew left for work and I cut up two kiwis for myself and Annelise.  I only made it through 3/4 of it because it tasted somewhat like grass.  Gross!  Annelise played in the living room and managed to make a huge mess while Rachel did some studying.

7:20 PM - Annelise made a huge mess in her diaper, so I took her back to her room to change her.  I figured I would just give her a bath then.  She loves bath time!
I think she looks like a boy in this picture.  She'll get more hair eventually.  I let her play in the tub for about half an hour.  I took her out, lotioned her up, and put her in some new pajamas.  I made some macaroni and cheese for her and fed that to her.  I figured it would be less mess if I did it that way.

8:45 PM - I tell Annelise that it's time to go night-night, and off to bed she goes.  She finally falls asleep at about 9:45.
Rachel kept saying how hungry she was, and that she really wanted Burger King, so she went and picked up something for both of us to eat.  Once I had finished eating, I went and got ready for bed.  I watched a little tv, scrolled through my phone, and finally turned everything off at about 11:30 to go to sleep.

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Oh, that kitty is GORGEOUS!