Thursday, October 24, 2013

Week In My Life - Wednesday

7:07 AM - I woke up and was surprised that Drew wasn't home yet.  Sure enough, about two minutes later, I hear Maya start to bark and noise in the garage.  Today is garbage day, so Drew put the can out by the street.  I laid in bed for few minutes before getting up at about 7:30.  I immediately got into the shower and started getting ready.  I managed to get myself completely ready before Annelise woke up, or should I say, before I went to wake her up.

8:55 AM - I woke Annelise up and took her out to the kitchen for some breakfast.  This morning, she just had a bowl of Frosted Flakes.  But then, she insisted on having her snack cup of left over Teddy Grahams from a couple of days ago.  She dumped the last bit of milk all over her tray, and I announced that breakfast was over and started to clean her up.  Once I had wiped her up, and cleaned up her tray, I took her back to her room to change her diaper and get her dressed.  I had already picked out an outfit for her, but she wanted a different one.  She picked a dress out.  I managed to get her changed and dressed without too much of a fight.  Thank God!!!  I got her shoes on and jacket on, and I let her out the garage door to go walk to the car.  She's been insisting on walking to the car lately.  She circled the car a few times, and then once I opened the garage to start the car, she bolted outside.  I let her wander for a few minutes, but once she tried to go into the wet grass, I picked her up and put her in her car seat.  She screamed, and I figured that she was not very happy about how chilly the seat was.  I promised her that it would warm up soon, and covered her with a blanket.

9:37 AM - We left the house and drove the 15ish minutes to Kindermusik class.  Class starts at 10.  There were a bunch of new kids and parents there, so Annelise had a particularly clingy day.  She was ok if I was sitting and she could be in my lap, or if there were instruments to play with, but the minute we had to stand up to do anything, she lost her mind and whined until I picked her up.  I also noticed that her nose and eyes looked a little red.

10:50 AM - Class is over and we drive home.  Once we get home, I was absolutely starving, so I made myself a turkey sandwich while Annelise snacked on some goldfish.  I shared some of my sandwich with her.  Drew's dad, Mark, and his friend, Jim, came over to pick up the concrete mixer.

12:05 PM - I asked Annelise if she wanted to go night-night and she did, so I changed her diaper and put her to bed.  She fell asleep around 12:40.  I came into the office to work on yesterday's WIML post and publish that.  Then, I started typing up todays.  I also noticed that I've taken zero pictures so far.  Fail!

1:00 PM - Drew wakes up and starts getting ready because he has a doctor's appointment.  I kind of wanted to go, but I'm stuck home with the sleeping child.

1:35 PM - Drew left for his doctor's appointment.  I came back to the office and entered in the codes from some yogurt lids for breast cancer month.  I really just did a whole bunch of nothing after that.

2:45 PM - Annelise wakes up from her nap.  I get her up and take her out to the kitchen for lunch.  Today, she ate a pouch, raisins, and some crackers.  My lunches have really been pretty random lately with her.  She doesn't mind, and usually eats it all happily.  After lunch, we go out to the living room to watch Ellen and play.

3:45 PM - Drew gets back home from his doctor's appointment, and Rachel arrives home from schools shortly after.  We all sit around and talk about what we want to do for dinner since we're all pretty hungry.  After some talk, and Rachel being the main decision maker since she's the picky one, we end up deciding to go to Potbelly.

5:00 PM - We drive over to Potbelly for dinner.  I had a grilled chicken breast and cheddar sandwich with a cup of loaded potato soup, Rachel had a bowl of loaded potato soup, and Drew had a sicilian sandwich and a cup of chili.  Annelise ate some of my soup, crackers, and chips.

We got home around 6:30ish I believe.  Rachel and Drew took Annelise into the living room so she could play and Drew could watch the World Series game.  I came back into the office to finish up some editing on a family session.  Annelise went to bed around 8:40 and I finished up my work shortly after. I ate a granola bar for a snack, finished typing out my day, and then went and got ready for bed.

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