Friday, October 25, 2013

Week In My Life - Thursday

Aaaaaand, I slacked off because I got busy, so now I'm trying to catch up.  So basically that means that these next few days aren't going to be as detailed as the first few.

6:30 AM - My alarm went off and I got out of bed.  I am NOT a snoozer, and usually get up right away.  People who snooze drive me nuts.  I headed to the bathroom and got right in the shower and started getting ready.  Annelise woke up around 7:50 and Drew got her up and got her breakfast, then brought her highchair back to the hallway outside the bathroom so that he could get in the shower.  Somehow, we all managed to get dressed and ready and out the door by 8:30.

8:30 AM - We all start the drive into Chicago.  I had a doctor's appointment.  Even though we live in a big city, sometimes we still have to travel into the city to see a doctor in there.  There is a ton of construction on I-90, and it took us two hours to get to the office.  We waited around forever, had my appointment, and left around 12:30.  We grabbed some lunch on the way home, and arrived back home around 2:45.

I did a bunch of nothing the rest of the day, Annelise played, and Drew played with her and sat around with me.  Kind of a boring day!

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