Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Week In My Life - Monday

I follow a blog called Adventuroo, and every year Melissa does a Week In The Life series.  I thought that I would join in this year and document a week in my life.  Sounds fun, right?  Here we go!
6:38 AM - Drew arrives home after working all night and it woke me up.  I had to pee (of course), so I got up to do that.  Once I got back to bed, I tried to go back to sleep.  It wasn't happening.
7:30 AM - I decided to give up trying to go back to sleep.  I grabbed my glasses from the side of the bed, and my phone, and decided to lay in bed and check my email and social media.
Blah!!!  So cold today!  I am so not a fan of all this cold and winter crap.  I checked my email first, then Instagram, then Twitter, then Facebook.  I was almost done checking Facebook when I hear Annelise make her first squawk from her room.  I glanced over to the monitor and see that she is starting to move around.  That's my cue to get up and get into the shower.

8:03 AM - Started my morning routine and then got into the shower.  Once I was done in the shower, I went and got Annelise out of bed.
Good morning sunshine!!  She has this habit of tucking the handle of her paci underneath her nose.  So strange.  She's in a happy, cheery mood, as she usually is every morning.  We went out to the kitchen to start getting breakfast.

8:33 AM - She's entered into this phase where it's a fight to get her to sit in her high chair.  Once she's in there, she's fine, but getting her there can be a struggle sometimes.  I started the dishwasher since I forgot to do that last night.  I finally wrangled Annelise into her high chair and got her breakfast.  Today was blueberry yogurt and some pineapple.
Once she had some food in front of her, I started to get myself a bowl of cereal.
Frosted Flakes today!  And, of course, the minute that Annelise saw what I was having, she wanted it too.  So, I made her a small bowl of cereal.  I quickly finished my breakfast and putzed around the kitchen while I wanted for her to finish.

9:02 AM - Annelise has finally finished eating and I have cleaned up the kitchen.  We go back to the bedrooms to start getting dressed.  I turned Pandora on the computer.  Annelise loves dancing to the music and usually asks for it anytime she's back in the office.  I started to get dressed and do my hair and makeup.  I'm pretty sure I had to stop over a dozen times to tell Annelise to get out of something that she shouldn't be in.  I finally finished getting ready at about 9:45 and then moved on to changing Annelise's diaper and getting her dressed.  It's usually a fight to do this, but today wasn't too awful.  I think the promise of shopping might have helped that.
Rachel went to put Annelise in her car seat while I packed up the diaper bag.  I still make sure that I bring a snack cup and water cup anytime we leave the house.

10:04 AM - Leave the house to run our errands.  First stop was my doctor's office to drop off some paperwork.  I ran into a friend of mine, and her daughter, while I was there.  We chatted for a few minutes and then I was on my way.  Then, we went to Target.
We arrived at Target at about 10:30.  We went straight back to the children's section.  I wanted to get Annelise a fleecy type jacket to wear while we're still in this in between of weather.  It's cold enough for a jacket, but not so frigid that she needs a super heavy one.  Plus, she can't wear a super heavy one in her car seat anyways.  I'm ok with a fleecy one because I can still get the straps nice and tight.  I found what I was looking for right away.  Then, I picked out some snow pants and a heavy winter coat.  The pants are solid purple, and the heavy coat is a purple plaid.  The fleecy jacket was also purple.  I guess it was a purple sort of day.  After that, we walked over to the socks and I picked out two new packages for her.  I wanted to get a full length mirror since we don't have one.  I found a super cheap one ($6) and stuck it in the cart.  Then, Rachel wanted to get a couple of shirts, so we walked over to the women's clothes.  She found a bunch and went to try them on.  I saw a dress that I absolutely loved and really wanted to get to wear out for our anniversary this weekend, but unfortunately, they didn't have my size.  When I got back to the fitting room, I saw that they had one in my size!  I thought about trying it on, but ultimately decided not to.  Rachel decided on three of the shirts and we made our way to the checkout.

11:25 AM - We left Target and drove over to Olive Garden to have lunch.  We were seated right away.  Rachel and I both ordered soup, salad, and breadsticks.  I had the chicken and gnocchi soup, and Rachel had the zoupa toscana.
Annelise ate some breadstick and tomato.  She was so well behaved during lunch.  We ordered the raspberry cheesecake for dessert.  You know Annelise liked that!
We paid for lunch and then came home.  Annelise was a little hyper when we got home and ran around the living room for a few minutes.  Then, she did this.
18 months old and she still loves her jumperoo.  I told her she had just a few minutes and she bounced like crazy.

1:06 PM - I took Annelise into her room to change her diaper and put her down for a nap.  After that, I came into the office to do some work.
There were papers everywhere on my desk.  I just couldn't stand all the clutter and since I had just paid bills the other day, it was time to file them all away.

1:25 PM - I had to go into Annelise's room and scooch her crib a little because she had turned on the light switch.

1:41 PM - Finally asleep.  I checked Facebook and my email.

1:52 PM - Started filing all of the paperwork.  I didn't take me long, it's just tedious.  I really need to clean out the folders, but that will wait until after the first of the year.
Much better!!  Still not perfect, but definitely an improvement.

2:14 PM - I'm over working in my office, and feeling a little sleepy, and cold, so I went out to the living room to watch some tv and snuggle under the blanket.  I watched the end of an episode of Home Improvement.  Then, I switched to Let's Make A Deal at about 2:30.  No joke, I got up at least a half a dozen times to either let the dog in or out or let a cat in or out of the bedroom since Drew sleeps with the door closed.  So, a nap wasn't happening.  I watched The Ellen Degeneres Show at 3:00.  Drew got up around 3:15 and made himself some lunch.  He then went and got showered and ready for work.  He came back into the living room at about 4:15.  After he put his shoes on, he went into the dining room to fill out the new patient paperwork for a new PCP that we're going to be going to.

4:37 PM - I woke Annelise up from her nap.  She's worked herself into a new schedule where she goes to bed super late at night, sleeps in later in the mornings, therefore naps much later in the day than she used to.  I'm still trying to decide if I like it.  We just hang around the kitchen while Drew gets ready and then leaves for work.

5:17 PM - I made a hodgepodge dinner for Annelise until I figured out what our actual dinner was going to be.
She's eating her leftover yogurt from breakfast, some string cheese, and some blueberries.  She asked for all of it.  Rachel and I decided to make tuna fish sandwiches for dinner.
I cleaned up Annelise while Rachel made the tuna fish.  I made my sandwich and then went into the living room to eat.  Annelise had a little bit of the leftover tuna.  After I got done eating, we all just hung out, watched tv, and played.  We love watching Wheel of Fortune, so we watched that.  Annelise and Maya started playing together, and Annelise was cracking up.

7:14 PM - I thought I smelled something a little suspicious, so I took Annelise back to her room to change her diaper.  Turns out it was a false alarm, but I still changed her anyway.  I decided to just leave her jeans off.  We came back out to the living room and started playing on the couch.  I kept tickling her and she kept trying to climb onto the back of the couch cushions and cracking up when I wouldn't let her.  We had a blast.  Nothing beats the sound of her giggles.  I love making her giggle.
Rachel was supposed to be studying, but she usually spends a good chunk of that time on her phone.  She actually studied a bunch, or as much as a toddler will let her.  I know that Rachel usually counts down the minutes until Annelise goes to bed.
Annelise played in the living for the evening.  She usually makes a huge mess, but that's ok.

8:56 PM - I turned the tv and told Annelise it's time to go night-night.  She got up and walked back to her room to get changed.  She insisted on brushing her teeth first, so I let her do that.  After she brushed her teeth, I changed her diaper and put her pajamas on.  She looked through a book while I was doing that.  I gave her a paci and put her in her crib.

9:07 PM - I came into the office and got on the computer.  I checked Facebook and chatted with a friend about a wedding that I'm second shooting on Saturday.  I started to import all of today's pictures for this post and then started typing it up.

10:25 PM - Annelise has finally quieted down and fallen asleep.

10:35 PM - I stopped working on this post for the evening and went out to the living room to watch some tv before heading to bed.  I decided I was hungry again and tater tots really sounded good.  So, I put some in the toaster oven for Rachel and myself.  Then, I had to wait 25 minutes for them to cook.  It was already past my bedtime and I wasn't helping things.  The tater tots finally finished and I scarfed them down and then went and got ready for bed.

11:46 PM - Finally crawled into bed.  I scrolled through my phone a little bit while watching some Full House.  I finally turned everything off at 12:12 AM and fell asleep pretty quickly.


Rita Buettner said...

Whew! What a full day! Your daughter is beautiful. You did an amazing job journaling your day!

Sarah Burkett said...

Aww!! Annelise is such a little cutie!!
Looks like a good day!

Tania said...

Thank you Rita and Sarah!

Melissa said...

Sounds like a busy day! Love the picture of you with the tuna cans-- so fun! And thanks for the reminder to get screenshots of stuff. That's fun to look back on!