Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween!

I searched for a long time for a costume that I thought would be perfect for Annelise this year.  I knew that we were going to take her Trick-or-Treating, and I also knew that it would likely be pretty cold.  So, I wanted something that would be fairly warm so that she wouldn't have to wear a coat and cover it up.  I finally landed on a monster costume.  She also loves to growl and I had trained her that every time I ask, "Annelise, are you a monster?" to raise her arms and growl.
After I took a couple of pictures outside, we started off walking to go TorT at a few houses on our street.  Our plan was to just do our street and then come back and hand out candy.  Our neighbors across the street, two little girls and their dad, were coming outside at the same time we were.  All the girls went to our neighbor's house together, and then we just decided to keep TorT with them.  There were also two other little girls that were friends with one of the neighbor girls.  Drew grabbed Annelise's wagon, which I was surprised that she happily went in, and we went house to house.  One of the neighbor girls also rode with Annelise.

I was really surprised at how much fun she had.  I think that it helped that she was with some other kids with us.  We would pull her up to the driveway, stop and get her out of the wagon, and she would run up to the door and patiently wait.  She didn't say "trick or treat", but she did babble something sometimes.  She didn't really even say "thank you", even though I coaxed it, but she did eagerly say "bye-bye" as she walked away.  Then, she'd run back to the wagon, get loaded in, and ride to the next house.

I was shocked that we actually stayed out the whole two hours!  She had so much fun, and honestly, I had a blast too!  It was so much fun to take her out to do something like that.  I love being able to do fun kid stuff with her now that she's getting older.

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