Wednesday, May 2, 2012

One Month

Dear Annelise,

I can't believe that a whole month has gone by already!  I keep going back and forth between feeling like time has flown by and feeling like it has stopped completely.  I almost can't remember what life was like before you were born.  My days are completely consumed by you; from feeding you, burping you, changing you, playing with you, and rocking and bouncing you.  You are my entire world now!

I am quickly realizing that I'm going to have to write down special things that you do each day so that I can remember them when it comes time to write to you.  My brain has been in a fog due to the lack of sleep.  Honestly though, you are a pretty decent sleeper.  As soon as we got home you were giving us three and four hour stretches at night.  You fight hard to go to sleep, even with your naps sometimes.  You have been sleeping in your Rock N Play, that your Aunt Rachel bought you, every night.  You really seem to like it.  There have been one or two nights where you absolutely refused to go to sleep, so I caved in and let you fall asleep on my chest.  When you wake up the first time in the middle of the night, I nurse you and you'll generally fall back to sleep.  However, lately, you'll stay awake for an hour or two.  You wake up again a couple of hours later to eat again, fall right back to sleep, then repeat a couple of hours later.  So, we usually don't get out of bed until around noon.

You almost always have your hands up by your face.  Dad and I try to swaddle you in your blanket, but we always leave your hands out.  This doesn't surprise me because you always had a hand or a foot by your face when we tried to get ultrasound pictures of you in my belly.

Your umbilical cord stump fell off on April 21.  Dad had joked about saving it, which I wrinkled my nose at and told him that was disgusting.  It didn't matter if he wanted to save it though, Dad tossed it in your diaper champ to throw away, and before either one of us could flip the lid, Maya ate it!  Gross!!

We gave you your first real bath on April 24th.  You hated every minute of it, and screamed like crazy.  I gave you a bath by myself a few days later, and you cried at first, but eventually calmed down.  A few days after that, Dad and I gave you another bath, and you screamed the whole time.  I really hope that you learn to love bath time.

You are a very serious baby, and usually have quite the straight face on.  You give us lots of sleepy smiles, and I notice them a lot while you're falling asleep nursing.  You have started to smile at us more while you're awake and I can see that you're happy when I play with you.  You have also really started to "talk" to us.  I mimic back what you coo to try to encourage you to talk more.  We went to dinner at Grandma's house on Sunday, and Auntie Rach was holding you.  I looked at you and said, "Hi" and I swear you said "Hi" back.  It certainly sounded so much like it.  Clearly you're a genius!!

I am amazed at the head control that you have.  You love to be held on my shoulder and you lift your head up and look all around.  You are usually drawn to lights.

You have had a lot of visitors this month, and we've also taken you to meet friends and family too.  Everybody just loves you to pieces.  You don't seem to mind when someone else holds you, but you definitely prefer Mom.  We're going to have to work on that!

You have done so well with breastfeeding.  You latched on very well at the hospital and we haven't had any problems.  You definitely let me know when you are hungry.  You have also learned that when you wake up from a nap, that I change you, then usually nurse you.  If I don't following your diaper change with a feeding very quickly, you let me know that you are NOT happy about it and that it is time to eat.  Dad is going to try to give you a bottle soon.  He is anxious to be able to feed you since it's been all Mom so far.

You are the spitting image of your father.  It's almost unfair how much you look like him and how little you look like me.  You know, considering that I carried you for 9 months.  You are very much like me in that you don't like to be cold, and you get cold very easily.  We always have you wrapped in a blanket, and sometimes even two.  I'm anxious to see who you get other parts of your personality from.

Little lady, I love you more than words can possibly say.  You have no idea how long I've waited for you and I feel so blessed to be able to call you mine.  You are surrounded by so much love and we are all so excited to watch you grow up.

Love you forever,

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