Monday, January 17, 2011


We've obviously been doing a lot of remodeling work to the house lately.  In light of all these improvements, I knew that I had to create a way to track our costs better than just throwing all of the receipts in a folder.

Enter Microsoft Excel.  Excel is designed specifically for OCD people, like me, who have to have organization in their lives.  So, I created a document where we can enter all of the cost information associated with our repairs. 

This screen shot was taken at the beginning stages of the project.  Since the basement remodel is fresh in my mind, I started there.  I have a column for the item, when we purchased it, where we purchased it from, how many we purchased, the price of each one, the tax that was charged with each item, and the total cost for that item.  Yeah, I went all out!  I also added a column for notes.  This way I can denote when we rented something or anything else that may be pertinent.  I plan on adding extra sheets for exterior and interior improvements.

Ahhhhh, I love organizations!

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