Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sidewalk Renovation

I seriously can't believe that I haven't posted this project yet. And we completed it back in October. I just never went outside and took pictures of the completed project until the other day. We got back from vacation and it got cold and then snowed and then whine, whine, whine. I sucked it up the other day and went out to take some pictures because I couldn't wait anymore to show off this project.

Our sidewalk was a disaster. And disaster is a generous term. It was a broken ankle waiting to happen. See for yourself.
Yes, seriously, that's our sidewalk. Here's a close up of the gruesome details.

Pretty bad, huh? Well, back in August, I had had enough and we decided to start looking into replacing it before winter came. We got a couple of quotes, but weren't happy with the numbers and Drew knew that he could do just as good of a job for significantly cheaper.
So, Drew went and rented a jackhammer and became the demolition.

At that point, we were committed. After Drew cleaned out all of the old cement, it sat that way for a month. A whole month before Drew ordered the new pavers. Drew and his dad got some egglime (or something like that) at the quarry and laid that first. They rented a ground pounder to be sure that it was packed down really well. Then, it came time for the pavers to be laid.
And that's when we went on vacation. Haha!!! Drew and I went on vacation and his dad, with some help from my cousin who was house sitting, laid the entire sidewalk. We sure know how to plan a project, don't we? I asked my cousin if he learned something or if he had already done something like that, and he said, "Yeah, I learned how to go on vacation when you're doing a project!" Hahaha!!!
But, enough chit chat. I'm sure you want to see pictures of the completed sidewalk, don't you?
Isn't it beautiful? Such an improvement over the old sidewalk! Here is a close-up of the herringbone pattern that we used.

Please don't mind all of the dirt around the sidewalk. We obviously haven't had a chance to landscape and reseed the area yet. Hopefully, by May or June it'll look gorgeous!
So, what do you think? I absolutely LOVE the way that it turned out. And it's so much easier to shovel the snow off.
P.S. If anybody lets me know that they're interested in a cost breakdown of supplies, I can dig that information up and do a post about it.

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