Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Next Big Project

Up until now, we've always tackled small projects. We've painted. We've laid new flooring in the dining room, kitchen, and entryway. We've decorated a majority of our rooms. We started building a deck. We redid the sidewalk. But now. . . we're tackling our biggest project yet. We're remodeling our basement.

Our basement consists of the laundry room, a bedroom, a full bathroom, the electrical room/storage room, and a large rec room. We have an exposed walk-out basement, so there is also a set of doors.

I took a video so that you can see the "before" status of the basement. I honestly should have fixed my hair a little bit before I took it because I look hideous. So, don't mind me. And I shot the video after we had already started, so it's a disaster. But, I wanted everyone to see what we were starting with.

I seriously can't wait until we get all done. I'm sorry that the video is kinda out of focus at times. The camera doesn't take the best videos. Wish us luck! I'll post updates as we make progress.

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