Tuesday, February 24, 2009

They Let Him Fix Airplanes....

My husband just walked out to the living room and asked me look up how many Alka Seltzers he can take. I told him that it should say it on the box. So, he walks away.

About three minutes later, he comes back out to the living room and says that he must be blind because he doesn't see it. I start looking at the box and after reading the side and back, notice that there is a part that says "Lift to Continue". So, I lift!! And what do you know, the continuation of the directions and also the recommended doses.

Don't worry folks. He only fixes freight or corporate planes. And somebody else always has to sign off on it too.

I'm just giving him a hard time. But I always pull that phrase out whenever he does something pretty dumb that normal folk shouldn't do. I still love him!

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Kevin said...

Oh, that's hilarious! I almost made that mistake myself, but I did pick up on the tab to continue before I asked my wife.

I really came across your blog by accident, but I think it would be great if you got to talk to my wife. I use to work on jets when I was in the Navy, but now I do many other things.

Anyway, I think you and her would be pretty good friends. If you don't mind, here's her blog: http://everydaymomdesigns.blogspot.com

Have a good one,