Friday, February 13, 2009

A Letter

Dear ----------,

Fuck You!!!!


I know that there are some family and close friends that read this who are probably pretty alarmed by my sudden outburst. I know, it's not the typical me to be so blunt and open about my feelings. Please, don't judge me! I'm just super sick of getting shit on by so many people in my life. And I know that it's partly my fault. I know that I let people walk all over me by not standing up for myself. Today has made me realize one thing though. I need to find and do something for myself. I need to quit worrying about pleasing everybody else. I spend so much energy and effort trying to please everybody else that I put myself at the way bottom and I think that I just end up screwing everything up. Maybe it's like that saying "You can't expect anyone to love you unless you love yourself". Maybe I can't expect to make everyone else happy until I make myself happy. I really need to dance again. Or work out. Or punch the shit out of something. (Or someone... tee hee!!)

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