Sunday, July 15, 2012

Zoo and a Stroll

Today, we went to Summerfield Zoo, a small zoo in Belvidere.  There is a variety of animals - wolves, monkeys, horses, turtles, mountain lion, camel, zebra, and some small animals.  Nothing extravagant, but still fun nonetheless.
After the zoo, Drew and I came back home and Annelise was able to do something else for the first time.
She rode in the seat part of the stroller!!  Up until now, she's always sat in her carseat that attaches to the stroller.  She has amazing head control, and since the stroller has a 5 point harness, I figured that she would enjoy being able to sit up and see things.

I just ordered the tray table that goes on the front of the stroller.  I kept saying that I felt like it was so open and she was so unprotected with her sitting like that.

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