Wednesday, July 4, 2012

First 4th

As with most new parents, I get extremely excited to celebrate the holidays that are Annelise's firsts.  I bought her a 4th of July outfit quite a few weeks ago, and I was more than ready for her to wear it.

She was very obviously sort of "meh" about it!!  Ha!!!  I just love that expression.

I knew the outfit was beyond cute, but when I plunked that bow on her head, I shrieked and did a happy dance.  I mean, seriously.  Can you get any cuter than that??

Drew's work was having a potluck today, which he didn't tell me about until late last night.  So, I baked up a pan of brownies this morning and we brought them to him at work.  All the ladies that were there were very excited to finally meet Annelise.  And I could tell that Drew was totally excited to show her off.

We went over to Drew's parent's house after he got off of work and had dinner with them and his grandma.  We watched New York City's fireworks on TV.  I definitely have to add going to see those in person to my bucket list.  They were spectacular!!

Rockford still had their firework show, but all the others were cancelled due to the heat and how dry it is here.  It has been just stupid hot.  We decided not to go watch the fireworks because of Drew's work schedule, so hopefully we can take Annelise next year.

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