Sunday, August 23, 2009

AYKM - Kids These Days

As Drew and I were driving to UW Madison on Friday we were listening to Connie and Fish on Z104 - my favorite radio station to listen to in the morning. I was actually quite happy to be heading to Madison because getting Z104 where we live is hit or miss.

Anyway, they were talking about a new line of shirts that Hollister has introduced targeted to young teenagers.
Photo from here

These shirts sport the slogans: "Girls just want to have sun", "Legal-ish", "What tan lines?", "Save a wave ride a surfer", "I heart the woody", and "The twins are quite a handful".

Yes, you read all of those right!

And one caller told the story that she was in a restaurant once and a girl, who was about 15, was wearing a shirt that said "I heart my vagina".

I just can't believe this. And parents wonder why their kids are screwed up. And having sex. And getting pregnant. Because companies promote things like this. And parents are doing nothing to stop it. They are either buying these items for their kids, or the kids are buying them on their own and the parents aren't monitoring it.

I guess that this is starting my rant on teenagers and parenting. Drew and I have, I feel, similar beliefs on raising children. He believes in spanking. I'm not against spanking, just so long as it happens in the home and not in public. I don't feel that we should embarass our child in public like that. I truly believe that kids are so disrepectful and disobedient these days because there is a lack of fear of the parent. When I was growing up, my dad put the fear of God in me. I was terrified of getting in trouble from him. He probably doesn't know it, but I didn't do a lot of things because I knew of the trouble I would catch from him. I also need to add that I do feel that my dad went about punishing me in the wrong way. Kids will always be kids and get into mischief, but there is some that is acceptable and some that is totally unacceptable. Lying is an example of something that is totally unacceptable. As a parent, when I am a parent, I will be more forgiving if my child is honest to me. If I catch my child doing or saying something and lying about it, you better believe that I will be livid. I do not tolerate lying!!

So, tell me, what do you think of the new shirts from Hollister? Will you be buying them for your teenager daughter?


Anonymous said...

I bought one for my 13-year old daughter and had no idea what it meant! should i allow her to wear it to school? she doesn't know what it means.

Tania said...

Just because she doesn't know, doesn't mean that allll the other kids don't. And I doubt that your daughter's school will allow her to walk the halls for very long with that shirt. And I'm curious, but what shirt did you buy for her?

foxfire said...

Um... no- no child in my care would wear that to school... or anywhere, actually. It just amazes me how people will complain about how crazy teenagers are now while allowing this sort of crap to be promoted to the same group of kids!

Anonymous said...

I'm 15. && I have the "What Tan Lines?" shirt. I didn't have any idea what it truely meant when I bought it. Now reading all these topics about it. I'm not sure if I should wear it to school.