Monday, July 1, 2013

Water Baby

Rachel and I went birthday present shopping for Wes yesterday, and while we were at the store, we happened to wander by the pools.  We picked up the cutest little pool with a slide that we thought Annelise would just love.

When Drew got home, he inflated it for us, and that should have been our first indication that it wouldn't last long in our house!  We let Annelise play with it in the living room, without water, for a little bit before she had to go to bed.

Today, while she was eating lunch, I filled up multiple buckets of water and filled up her pool for her to play in.
Look at that little tongue trying to drink the water!  Ha!
Like I said, she loves to climb and slide right now.
She's also a fan of stealing Maya's ball to get her to play.
When Drew got home from work tonight, he went outside to check out his garden.  Annelise saw the pool again, and wanted to play in it again.  She we just let play in it naked since I really didn't want to go inside and try to put a cold, wet swimming suit on her.  She had a great time!

Then, we all came inside to eat dinner and wind down for bed.  Drew went back outside later that evening to turn off the water on the garden, and discovered that Maya had popped both the slide and the pool.  Dumb dog!!!  It barely lasted 24 hours!  Hopefully I can find her another pool with a slide that is plastic instead of inflatable.  I should have known better!

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