Sunday, July 21, 2013

Work Trips

Earlier this afternoon, Drew left for two weeks for a work trip in Portland.  I'm stressed and annoyed.  This work trip could not come at a worse time.  We were given four days notice and I had to cancel and rearrange a bunch of plans.  I'm trying really hard not to be bitter about how this trip came about, but it's difficult.  This is the kind of stuff that was pulled when Drew was with his old employer, except that it was even less notice.  It's one thing when it was just Drew and me, but we have a daughter now.  I know that lots of families have traveling spouses, and at the end of the day, two weeks really isn't that big of a deal. 

I'm praying that these two weeks fly by quickly.  Pray for me folks, I'm going to need it!

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