Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Getting Crafty

I asked Rachel earlier today what she wanted to do today, and she said that she was feeling crafty and wanted to make something.  While Annelise was napping, she browsed through Pinterest and decided that she wanted to make one of those melted crayon art canvases.  I decided that I finally wanted to make something to hang all of Annelise's bows on.  (I didn't work on that project tonight, I was finishing up something else.)  I figured that today would be a good time to see if Annelise would like to do something crafty too.  

I remembered seeing on Pinterest a project for kids where you put some finger paint inside of a baggie and let the kids have some fun with it.  So, I decided to try that out.  I figured that it would be perfect for my child who must-put-all-things-in-her-mouth still, and it would be perfect for mom who gets-twitchy-when-messes-get-out-of-control-because-it's-bad-for-my-OCD.  
It held her attention for a little bit, but much shorter than I hoped for.  I think that it was a great project to use to introduce her to crafty art type things.  I'm hoping that in a couple more months, she'll like to do more art stuff.  I'm not artistic in the least, but she may be, and it'll be good to expose her to that stuff.

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