Sunday, June 30, 2013

We Visited A Zoo

Drew and I decided to take Annelise to the zoo today.  She really likes the few animals that she's been around, so I figured that she would really enjoy going to the zoo and seeing a bunch of different ones.  She had a great time, and I loved seeing her reaction to the animals.
We decided to go to Madison to Henry Vilas Zoo.  It's a smaller zoo, but it was perfect for us.  We only had a couple of hours before it would be time for Annelise to have a nap.  We were able to see a small, but decent amount of animals, and leave before we had a meltdown due to a delayed nap.
Are you kidding me with the size of those paws!!!
This was her reaction to most of the animals.  She loved them!
We're waiting in line to ride the train.
After the train ride, we went inside a little building to ride the carousal.  She kept signing "more" as we were waiting for the train because she could see it inside the building.
She's looking at some Meerkats.

Then, Annelise got a National Geographic lesson.
Um, yeah.  Drew went to go find the bathroom, so I took Annelise through the amphibian building that you can see behind the fence in the background.  Once I came out of the building, I heard this honking noise.  I walked around the corner and saw the male tortoise climbing on top of the female and honking at her, quite loudly.  I heard all of the parents of older children tell their kids that they were hugging.  Ha!

I can't wait to take her to the zoo again.  Hopefully later this summer.

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