Monday, May 16, 2011


This morning was my first monitoring ultrasound.  The RE said that everything looks great and that I'm supposed to continue what I've been doing.  I go back in on Thursday for another monitoring ultrasound.  Based on that ultrasound, we will make plans for the egg retrieval.  As of right now, we're still scheduled for Saturday, but that could go forward or back a day.

Yesterday and today have been a little rough.  I'm starting to feel kinda crappy.  When I told the RE about some of the side effects, he told me that it's just because of all of the hormones and that it's to be expected.

I need to vent a little bit about my RE's office.  I hate, hate, hate feeling like my questions aren't valid or that I'm stressing because I'm asking questions.  I get so nervous to ask them any type of question because they act like I shouldn't be worrying about it.  I'm not going back to the ob/gyn that I used to go to because of this.  I totally understand that these people do treatments with patients everyday, but I don't.  This is my first rodeo, and I want to be hand held for the first time.  I want to know everything that is going on.  I want to know how many follicles I have and how big they are.  And I want them to answer my question and take some time to talk to me.  I hate feeling like a freaking number in their assembly line of patients.  It's frustrating, and I'm frustrated about it.

Thankfully, I know some ladies who have been through this and can help to answer my questions.  Thanks girls!!!


ocw2010 said...

I have to admit that I got most of my info from TB re my IVF cycle. The questions I did have for my RE or the nurses were pretty specific, and I found myself asking a lot of my questions on the boards. I'm sorry you're feeling that way! However, I hope that nonetheless, you have a successful cycle T! Woooo!

Dana said...

You have a total right to have your questions anwsers and your feeling validated. You are nervous enough without the office staff making you feel uncomfortable. Hope things get better.