Friday, May 27, 2011


PUPO means Pregnant Until Proven Otherwise!  Big update below:


And, since I know you're all dying to see Maya, here's a picture of her.

I'll try to take some better pictures of her soon and get them posted.


Grandma~rella said...

Hi Tania! Truly enjoyed your vlog and my gosh, you have such a sweet way with words. :) I said a prayer for you guys and your precious little one, will continue praying daily and believing with my whole heart. This sure takes me back to my first successful pregnancy, when I'd have my hand on my tummy, rubbing in little circles... sending lovies to my unborn baby. Somehow, I just KNEW there was new life being knitted together within me.
Maya is adorable! Try placing a hot water bottle, wrapped in a towel, in her little bed. She'll cuddle right up to it, like she was used to doing with her siblings. You can also add an old time wind-up clock, which are super cheap at thrift shops. Puppies like the steady sound, sorta like a heartbeat. There;s also not a darn thing wrong with snuggling with Maya in your bed ;) She will be an amazing companion for your children!
Enjoy your couch potatoing! Think positive, visualize and BELIEVE!! (((HUGS))) G'Ma Cindy

Trusty Gal said...

I am making a request the Maya be featured in the next vlog. Please!!!

Juliana said...

Hey Girl-
Maya is so cute! I was going to say the same thing about the hot water bottle and the clock, for most pups it works like a charm. I hope everything is working like is should be and we all can't wait to hear!

Lindsay {Designer Wife} said...

Favorite vlog EVER!!!! :)