Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Baby Makin' in a Box

I had the biggest headache of my life yesterday trying to get all of my medication ordered for this IVF cycle.  The nurse called me in the morning to let me know that everything was a go, and that she ordered my meds.  Shortly after that, the pharmacy called me to let me know what meds and how much it was going to cost.  The cost, of course, came to a lot more than I thought it should have come to.  After spending a good portion of the morning on the phone with people, Drew and I had called the necessary people and were just waiting for calls back.  Of course, those calls didn't come until about 6:15 PM.  The total they told me in the morning was right, for the most part, so they ran my debit card.


Of course.  The card has a daily limit on it, and so I needed to call and have the limit removed for the day.  However, we're big idiots, and bank at a small, local bank, and they were closed.  They don't even have an after hours number to call so that I could raise my limit.  Ok, no problem, I'll just transfer some money around online and use a different card.  Except that even the online banking is apparently closed after hours and I couldn't even transfer money.  Are you freaking kidding me!!!

So, I had to put some of the balance on a credit card (Grrrrrr!!!!!) and they overnighted my meds to me.

They arrived here this morning.  Before you watch, just know that my husband is never allowed to operate the camera with my nice lens on it again.  Big dummy didn't realize that he could focus it, so practically the entire video is blurry.  Amateur!

(Did I mention that I'm sorry that it's blurry?  Because I am!)
All of my medications for display.  I was actually expecting more, honestly.

The nurse called me back earlier this afternoon and let me know that she wanted me to start injections today.  Drew and I headed into the office so that she could give us a lesson on the injections, and so I could get my calender of dates.

I started 200 iu Follistim injection this afternoon.  I continue with 200 iu daily until Saturday.  On Saturday, I will still continue the 200 iu of Follistim, but I will also add in an injection of Ganirelix and Estradiol (oral pill).  I have my first ultrasound scheduled for Monday, May 16.  The nurse said that I will probably have an ultrasound on Monday and Thursday.  I have a tentative egg retrieval (ER) of Saturday, May 21 and a tentative embryo transfer (ET) of Thursday, May 26. 

Drew and I did the first injection earlier this afternoon.  I got the pen prepped and Drew administered it.  It actually wasn't awful.  The needle is pretty tiny.  It burned slightly as he was injecting the medication, and afterwards, the injection site was a little itchy and burny.  After a few minutes, it went away and I feel totally fine now.  Let's just hope that they all go that well and that I continue to feel fine.


10yearstogether said...

Soooo excited fro you T!! I can't wait to see how your cycle goes, I'm rooting really hard for you babe!

Lindsay M. said...

Oh. My. Goodness.


But, um, that's a big ole' box of meds.

(also, just want you to know that the word verify thing that I have to enter to for to post is "Peter"-- I'm taking this as a sign that you're going to have success this cycle, have a boy and, thus, name him peter. The internet doesn't lie.

Tania said...

Lindsay - That made me laugh so hard! Now we just have to wait and see if it actually comes true.