Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Five Months - Harrison

Dear Harrison,

Another month has flown by!  You have done a lot of fun things this month.  You took your first "vacation"/road trip to Georgia for Thanksgiving.  We drove overnight so that you and Annelise could sleep in the car.  You both were amazing travelers.  On the way down there, you woke up twice to eat, and on the way back home, you only woke up once.  I really think that driving at night helped to make it an easy trip.

You have discovered your feet this month!  At first, you just grabbed your toes while sitting in your Bumbo, but now, you grab them while you're laying on the floor and work so hard to get them to your mouth.  You're a little chubby, so it's hard to get them there, but you make it work.  It's so adorable to watch you play with your feet.
The jumperoo continues to be your favorite toy.  You love to go in there and bounce away.  I'm amazed that you play with it as well as you do.  You can even turn yourself all around in it.  I think that your sister was older than you were before she figured it out.  I love when you look at me while you're in it with a big grin on your face and just start jumping away.

You have grown very vocal this month.  You started squealing when you're happy and "talking" to me some.  Then, you came down with a nasty cold, and you sort of stopped talking.  I miss it!  I want you to talk to me again.  I try to encourage you, but it doesn't help any.  I wonder if your throat hurts some and that's why you've stopped.  Either that, or the congestion makes it hard for you to talk.

Another big change is that you moved to your room to sleep.  You are still sleeping in your Rock N Play, but you have been in your room for naps and overnight for half a month now.  You have done very well.  And honestly, I like having my room back!
Your sleep is still awful!  You wake up twice a night usually.  I'm exhausted from it.  Some nights you go right back to sleep after a quick snack, but some nights it takes a long time to get you back down.  Naps are pretty good, for the most part.  I'm going to start working on transitioning you to your crib.  It's time buddy.  Hopefully my next letter will be talking about what a good crib sleeper you are.  ;)

You visited Santa the other day.  The nice thing about taking you to see Santa at this age is that you really haven't gotten into the "stranger danger" phase, so you didn't really care that he was holding you.  You gave me a big smile once I played with you and we got an adorable picture.

You are still in 9 month clothing and size 3 diapers.  You are right around 18 pounds and 25 1/2 inches.  I have a feeling that you will be moving into 12 month clothes right around or shortly after Christmas.

My boy.  Sometimes I just can't believe how much I love you.  When you smile or laugh at me, my heart just melts into a thousand pieces.  The joy that I get watching you and your sister can't be put into words.

Love always,

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