Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas Again

Today we celebrated Christmas with Drew's side of the family.  Unfortunately, he couldn't be here since he's already working in Houston.  Harrison was sleeping when we started, and since we didn't want to wait any longer, we just went ahead without him.  He woke up towards the end and joined our festivities.
Drew's grandma always gives everyone Turtles as part of their gift.  I love it because I like Turtles but never buy them for myself.
Backstory - The shower head in Jess and Eric's guest bathroom is awful!  It's probably original to the house, their house is fairly newer, but it's just a general shower head.  And it sucks!  Drew's parents got them a new shower head and, I don't know about everyone else, but I'm excited about it!!!
Wes was a little upset when he saw that Annelise had gotten one of these.  Apparently, it had been on his list.  Annelise, on the other had, didn't really care much about it at all because she has no clue what it does.  He did end up getting one.
It's so painful to have to take a picture together!
His face!!!  I die!!!  I just love the excitement that he has!
And the flip side!  What's Christmas without a little tantrum?
Poor second kid gets jipped with all cell phone pictures!

We had a great Christmas, and the kids were spoiled rotten, of course!

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