Thursday, January 1, 2015

Looking Back

The end of the year is always a time for reflection.  The expectations of the coming year are exciting.  I usually spend the week between Christmas and New Years thinking about the past year.  All of the changes, memories, good and bad times.

We had a great year!  We welcomed Harrison to our family in July and he filled a spot that we didn't know existed.  It's been amazing to watch Annelise embrace the role of older sister.  I love watching the two of them together.  She loves him fiercely.  Although, sometimes too rough!  He watches her with such wonder and amazement.  I look forward to watching the two of them together everyday.

Drew changed jobs, and then changed jobs again!  Hopefully this last change will be the last one ever.  He is working for a great company that he plans to retire from.  That's so exciting.  Of course, with that new job came the news that we would be moving.  Houston is waiting for us, whenever our house here sells.  I am saying so many prayers that it sells quickly!

This coming year is going to be so full of changes.  A big move, a new state that I've never been to, two young kids growing up, and making memories as a family.

Goals are usually set at this time of year, and I'm no different.  I want to work on blogging more consistently.  Life is flying by and it's hard for me to remember it all.  This little piece of the internet is a place for me to document life so that I can look back and smile and remember all of the times.

I plan on working on me a lot.  My patience is the suck and my time management skills could use some work.  I need to remember to count my blessings.  Someone posted a saying the other day, "There are people who would love to have your bad days".  That is so true.  I get very overwhelmed with the task of taking care of two young kids basically by myself, and I let my frustrations get the better of me.  There will be bad days, and I need to take them with the good days.  I am so blessed to have the two children that I do.  It wasn't too long ago when I was deep in the trenches of infertility praying for these days with these kids.

I want to make memories as a family.  I want my kids to look back and love the childhood they had.  Simple things make them so happy.

I am so very excited to see what this next year has in store for us.  God does amazing things and has amazing plans for us.

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