Friday, October 3, 2014

Three Months - Harrison

Dear Harrison,

So many fun and exciting things have happened in the past month.  Watching you grow is so fun for me.  You are growing so fast.  You are wearing 6 month clothing and size 3 diapers!  I transitioned you to size 2 diapers, and then a little over two weeks later, you needed to move up a size.  Unreal!  I just can't believe how big you've gotten already.  A part of me is so proud because I know that you are growing well because of me.  And let me tell you, you sure do eat!

Your sleep has definitely regressed this month.  You went from sleeping until at least 5 AM, to waking up around 3 AM, then getting up every two hours or so after that.  Buddy, Mommy is exhausted.  Naps are hit or miss.  Some days are pretty good, some days are awful.  You are still sleeping at night in the Rock N Play in Mommy and Daddy's room, and naps are in your swing.  My goal is to start working on transitioning you to your crib this month.
I've been a slacker on tummy time for you.  You're just so cranky usually, that I don't want to make it worse.  And the times that you are happy, I don't want to ruin it by sticking you on your tummy.  I've been trying to make an effort to put you down more.  I laid you down on your tummy one day and you rolled over to your back.  I sort of set you up for it though, because you were already sort of on your side.  When I lay you on the floor on your back to change your diaper, sometimes you will roll onto your side.  I think it will be a little bit before you actually complete the roll, but part of me feels like you might roll back to belly first.

Your two month appointment was almost a week after your two month birthday.  At first, you didn't mind it, and didn't even scream during the weighing and measuring.  However, while waiting for the nurse to come back in for your vaccines, you got quite impatient and started to scream.  You were not a fan of the shots, obviously, and then ran a fever the next day.  But, in spite of the fever, you were still pretty smiley.

You had your first "cold" this month.  Basically it was just a little congestion.  I noticed it particularly after you were laying down.  Once I sat you up, you didn't seem as bad.  I think that sleeping inclined in the RNP helped.
You have started to really love watching Annelise.  If she's close by, she has all of your attention.  I love to see you watch her.  She loves playing with you, and I know that she's looking forward to the day when she doesn't have to be quite so gentle with you.

You have also started to take an interest in the tv.  I catch you watching it all the time.  I think you just love the lights and colors.  I set up the activity mat for you, and you like it, but only for a little bit.  I think that you get a little overwhelmed with it all.

This next month will be very busy with lots of activities for your first fall.  I can't wait to experience all these firsts again with you.  I know that you won't remember any of it, but I'll take lots of pictures for you.

Love you forever,

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