Friday, February 7, 2014

Date Night with ZBB

One of Drew's gifts for Christmas was tickets to the Zac Brown Band concert that I discovered was happening at a local concert venue.  He loves ZBB and he was beyond excited when he opened the tickets up.  Tonight was the concert and so we got to have a little date night.  Annelise had fun with Nana and GG who came over to watch her.
We were able to get a decent parking spot since we arrived fairly early and only had a short walk into the venue.  Once inside, we got some drinks, then sat down and waited for the concert to start.

The first opening act was a band that was from Georgia and had an amazing guitar player as the lead.  Not quite sure what his name was.  The second opening act was Levi Lowery and he was ok.  His beginning sounds were a little slow, so Drew and I left for a bathroom break.

When Zac Brown Band came on, they were amazing!  I haven't been to a lot of concerts, but I have to say that this one was great.  He played for over two hours!

The stage had a small little runway, with a circle at the end of it.  When he sang "Colder Weather", he walked all around that part of the stage where people were and shook their hands.  Then, when he sang "Keep Me In Mind", he came off the stage and walked around the entire venue.  I think it was really cool that he interacted with the crowd like that.

The lady sitting in front of us quite literally rocked out the whole concert.  The band actually did a cover of Metallica's "Enter Sandman" (which one of the guitarists sang), and she lit up some weed.  Again, I haven't been to many concerts, so I was shocked to see this.  Drew was shocked that I was shocked.  I could understand if it was an outdoor venue, but I totally was not expecting that in an indoor venue.

I really liked how the band sat up some stools and had some hand percussion instruments and did a small set in a sort of intimate manner.
Drew and I had a great time!  He kept asking the whole night if the baby was ok.  Ha!  Towards the end, I was feeling sort of crummy from all the bass and it being so loud.

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