Thursday, February 6, 2014

18 Weeks - Getting Started

I've thoroughly procrastinated long enough; it's time to get the weekly recaps started!  At this point, half the time I think, "I can't believe I'm 18 weeks already", and the other half of the time I think, "I'm only 18 weeks, I still have so far to go".  I am definitely larger this time around.  The bump emerged a lot faster.  I just chalked it up to the fact that everyone says that you show faster the second time around.  But, at my doctor's appointment last week, my OB said that he thinks this baby will be bigger than Annelise.  When I asked why, he said, "Well, you're measuring bigger.  Don't you feel bigger?"  Well gee doc, I certainly didn't feel like a fatty until you mentioned it.  I've gained 12 pounds so far.  I figured that I will probably gain more this time because I wasn't so sick like I was last time.

Speaking of that, I have felt pretty darn good so far this time.  I've only puked once, and that was because I gagged myself too much while brushing my teeth.  Pretty good, right?  I still do get nauseous, but it's mainly only when I'm hungry and need to eat.

Physically, I still feel ok.  I wake up sore from sleeping in a stationary position.  Mainly it's my back and shoulders.  I can definitely tell that I have a small bump when I get up from a sitting position.

When I was pregnant with Annelise, we had the crib ordered at this point, and names were being discussed regularly, and I was researching baby products like it was my job.  This time?  We've casually looked at cribs once while strolling through Babies R Us, and we've only tossed around a few names.  It's so crazy how laid back it is.  I'm sure that once I have the anatomy scan at the end of the month, and we find out the sex of baby, that I'll kick it into overdrive and begin buying and planning like crazy.

Annelise is obsessed with the baby.  She is always pointing at my belly and saying "baby", and she'll rub it and give it kisses.  When we went for our first ultrasound with my OB, as soon as he put the picture up on the screen, she pointed and said "baby.  So, I feel like she gets somewhat.  I hope that her love for the baby continues once the baby is actually here.

A couple of weeks ago, we made the plunge and became a minivan family.  So far, we love it and haven't really had any complaints.  I think that I'll love it even more once I have two kids to load inside of it.

While we were at the car dealership, I'm pretty sure that I felt movement for the first time.  I had thought that I had felt some, but nothing that I could definitely pinpoint.  They were all so tiny and would only be one bump, maybe two.  This time, I'm fairly certain that I felt baby.  Since then, I've felt more of what I'm assuming to be the baby.  But, nothing that I am absolutely positively definite about.  I can't wait to feel movement consistently.  This waiting is nerve wracking!

I think that I've mainly put off doing these updates because I haven't had much to talk about.  Hopefully I'll have more fun updates as the weeks tick by.

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