Thursday, February 20, 2014

20 Weeks - Half Baked

Half way to 40 weeks!  Although, if I'm being honest, I really hope that this one comes without an eviction and sooner than Annelise did.  Not too much sooner, but a little bit sooner.  It will be July after all!

It's been a quiet week after the events of last week.  Thankfully, the bleeding stopped on Monday and hasn't returned.  Praise the Lord!  I have had an incredible amount of pain; what I'm assuming and what my OB has told me is round ligament pain.  There are times when I can barely get off the couch it hurts so badly.  When I do finally manage to make it up, I walk all hunched over.  I definitely don't remember being in this much pain last time.

Drew and I ordered the crib yesterday.  We absolutely love it, and it's completely different from what we picked for Annelise.
It's a blackish, brownish, grayish color, sort of rustic in a way.  It converts to a toddler and a full size bed.  We also plan on ordering the long dresser that matches it, probably tomorrow when my coupon becomes valid.  Our hopes is that the furniture that we've bought Annelise and this baby will last them until they decide to buy furniture of their own.  Annelise's is still in great shape, minus some animal claw scratches on her bed.

I have felt movement like crazy since my appointment last week.  It amazes me how I've gone from feeling practically nothing, to movement all the time.  It's definitely reassuring.

I'm up about 14 pounds at this point.  I was starting to think about walking on the treadmill some before all these problems came up, and now I'm scared to do anything.  I have another ultrasound on March 13th, so hopefully I can get the okay to do some light walking, maybe some yoga.  I'm not totally against gaining weight, I know that happens, I just want to be healthy and not look like a swollen blimp come July.

Drew and I laid in bed the other night and began discussing baby names.  The conclusion?  There isn't much we agree on.  I have a feeling that this kid might be nameless until the birth certificate lady walks into my hospital room!  There are names that I like that Drew is mulling over, but I'm not really crazy about anything that he's suggested.  I'm not trying to be difficult, they just aren't anything I love.  We probably need to write names down and see how we like them on paper and let them sit with us for a little bit.  I'm sure that we'll eventually land on the perfect name.  We did land upon Annelise out of nowhere!

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