Monday, September 2, 2013

Photo Share

I recently upgraded my camera, so I've been snapping away more than usual.  My sister and I took Annelise outside to play this evening, and I practiced on my new camera while she ran around.
Why aren't there any adorable photos like this of me and my child?  Oh right, because I'm always behind the camera!  It warms my heart that I can capture moments like this though.
Annelise was having quite the conversation with Rachel.  Her face cracks me up!
Her new favorite activity is to use her activity table as a step stool.  She lugs that thing to wherever she wants to be to see, climbs on top of it, and then proceeds to do what she wanted to.  For the most part, I allow her to do it.  But then she decided that she wanted to stand in front of the gate at the top of the stairs and I quickly put my foot down on that one.

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