Sunday, September 8, 2013

Fall Fest Parade

The weekend after Labor Day is when Roscoe puts on the annual Fall Festival.  It usually runs Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, with a parade Sunday morning.  I went many years when I was younger, and I was so excited to take Annelise this year.

Drew and I drove up there Friday night to walk around some, and so that Annelise could ride some rides.  She absolutely LOVES riding rides.  I usually start by taking her down the big slide, and then move to some of the other rides.  I think her favorite is the dragon roller coaster.  As soon as she sees it, she starts signing "more" and wants to run over to it.  While she's on the ride, she never once cracks a smile, or acts like she enjoys it.  She just sits there all content, enjoying the ride.  As soon as the ride stops, she hops up to get off, but then immediately starts signing "more" to go again.

Today, Rachel and I took Annelise to the parade in the morning.  I was excited to take her because I thought she would really enjoy seeing the bands and the local dance teams and cheerleaders.  She did enjoy it, but she also enjoyed collecting the candy that is thrown out.
It took her a little bit to get the hang of picking the candy up and putting it in the bag, but once she did, she was all over it.  She would run and pick up the candy, then toddle over to put it in the bag, then run back to me for me to pick her up.  When some more people came along and threw candy out, she would wiggle to get down, run grab the candy, and repeat the whole process.  And those Dum Dum suckers?  She absolutely loves them!
We're trying to entertain ourselves while waiting for the parade to start.

I went through her bag of stuff tonight and found a temporary tattoo and thought I'd put it on her.  Her mind is always blown whenever she gets a hand stamp at Kindermusik, so I knew she'd be amazed at the tattoo.
She just kept staring at it, and touching it.  It was so funny!

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