Friday, June 28, 2013

Playing and Discovering

We took a little break from play excursions on Tuesday and Wednesday.  On Thursday, Jess and Wesley came with Annelise and me to Kindermusik class.  Once Wes warmed up, he had a pretty good time.  Annelise, however, was pretty clingy.  This has been interesting to me because she was pretty darn social during the spring semester.  I think that she got used to seeing the kids that she knew, grew comfortable with them, and interacted with them more.  Also, she's the youngest kid in this first summer session.  I'm wondering if that has something to do with it.  She almost acts intimidated by the older children.  She seems to be drawn to babies, or at least children her age or slightly younger, a lot more than she is drawn to older kids.  Yesterday was our last class for the first summer session, so I'm curious to see how the second session plays out.

Today, Eric, Jessica, and I took Wesley and Annelise to Discovery Center.  Both kids had a great time! We started out in the water area, and my kid probably would have been happy as a clam if we had just left her there to play all day.
I had to put her paci in her mouth so that she would stop putting all of the water toys in her mouth.  Please tell me that the "I've got to put everything in my mouth" phase will be over soon!!!
She noticed the stuffed dog sitting there and got the biggest, cheesiest grin on her face.  It was absolutely adorable!  And, notice the baby doll in her hand.  She's pretty obsessed with them.  In fact, whenever the teacher in Kindermusik pulled out her doll to do demonstrations for the class, Annelise always stole it away from her.
Jessica told Wes to take Annelise over and show her the train.  So he grabbed her hand and started pulling her over there.  She obliged and followed right along.  Melt my heart!
Annelise loves anything that she can climb up or down or slide on right now.
She's signing "more" because she wanted to swing on the swing with me again.
We left at about 1:15, which, if you're keeping track, is about two hours after her nap time.  I don't know how the kid was still functioning as well as she was.  She crashed hard on the way home and slept for 4 1/2 hours!!!  Her longest nap ever!

After she woke up, and Drew got home from work, we went over to his parent's house to have dinner and hang out.
She loved the little red rocking chair.  Pretty sure she's yelling at me to stop taking pictures.  Ha!

I wanted to try and get a nice picture of the cousins together.
Eric and Jess leave to go visit Eric's parents for a week tomorrow.  We'll be heading to meet up with them there on the 4th for Wesley's birthday party.

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