Saturday, August 18, 2012

Construction Zone

We have had a busy two weeks of destruction and repairs around our house.  Early last week, I went with my father-in-law, Mark, and his friend, Jim, to pick out some new doors for our house, and some stuff for the bathroom.  The shower in our full bathroom upstairs has leaked practically since the day we signed the mortgage on the house.  Drew has tried on multiple occasions to fix it, without ever fixing it.  The leaking had finally gotten so bad that mold was starting to show on the wall just outside the shower, and there was water on the floor in the basement.  I knew that we couldn't put off repairing it any longer.  I was dragging my feet on it because I knew that the tile in the shower would have to come off and the drywall would have to be repaired.  Ugh!

So, Jim and Mark cut holes in the wall, fixed the plumbing, installed a new shower fixture, fixed the wall, and re-tiled the shower.  Only to find that the tub drain was leaking!  Awesome!  So, Jim fixed that also, and now, we have no more leaks in our bathroom.  The wall needs to be repainted, and some caulk put around the tile and then I can clean up that mess and have my bathroom back.  Oh, and the new shower fixture?  Might as well be heaven!
The shower head is simply divine!  I love all the water that comes out.

Then, Jim and Mark replaced a bunch of doors.  The service door in the garage was a simple wood door.  Who puts a wood door on as a service door??  We replaced that with a simple white steel one.  They also replaced the window in the garage.

The screen door that was on the front door got moved to the deck door off of our dining room.  The front door got a new screen door.  I really wanted one where the glass went all the way to the ground.
Maya really likes to look out the window and she loves being able to see out of this one without jumping up.  Leo likes it too!

Our basement patio got some new doors too.
Both doors open up like French doors and the blinds are inside the panes of glass.

Then, all the boys decided that they need to tear up some stuff and the demolished our old, dilapidated shed in the backyard.
It definitely had . . . um . . . character.  I'm sure that it was quite cute at one point of its life.  Its life came to an end though, and Drew ran into it with a tractor.
Now all that's back there is a big blank spot.  It's so weird to look out of my kitchen window and not see that big pile of crap back there.  We don't have any plans to replace it at the moment.

Next on the list is repairing and siding our house.  I feel like I'm hemorrhaging money over home repairs right now.  It's all worth it in the end, right??

Have you done any home repairs or improvements this summer?

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Dana said...

We built a deck and a patio. We are going to start the bathroom and paint the kitchen next month.