Sunday, February 19, 2012

Baby Shower

My amazing sister-in-law threw me a fabulous baby shower today.  She started planning back at Thanksgiving, and when she came into town over Christmas, completed the remainder of it.  Once I heard that she wasn't going to be coming to the shower, I put my foot down and insisted on flying her up here so that she could be a part of what she planned.  It just didn't seem right that she did all of that work and then not be able to enjoy it.  So, Drew and I picked her up from the airport yesterday, and we just got back from dropping her back off there.  Yes, it was quite a quick trip.  But, the shower was amazing!

My sister was in charge of taking pictures, and she did a great job.  I have about a gabillion to choose from, but since I'm sure you don't want to be bored looking at all of them, I'll just share some that have a little story.
Drew's grandma gave me this quilt and told me that it was made by some women down in Florida where we like to go and vacation.
Drew's aunt made me a "Hooter Hider".  I'll use this when I nurse or pump if I'm in public and need to cover myself.  She also made one for Jessica when she had her baby shower and I loved it, so I am very honored that she made one for me.  I love that fabric that she chose!
This bag was filled with diapers and some baby wash and lotion and was a gift from Drew's cousin that lives in Africa.  This bag is crocheted from plastic bags!  Yes, plastic bags!!!  I was amazed when his aunt told me this.  There is a flower on the front of the bag that you can tell is made from plastic bag material, but you'd never be able to guess that the bag is made from plastic bags.  I love it!
This was one of Drew's quilts when he was a baby.  It amazes me what his mother has kept all these years. I think that Drew's daughter will love laying on there and looking at all the colors.
The cake matched the invitation perfectly!

We were showered with so many great gifts and our little lady is definitely spoiled!  We are so, so grateful!

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