Wednesday, February 22, 2012

35 weeks: 35/35

33 weeks

34 weeks

35 weeks

This week marks 35 weeks, 35 (ish) days to go!  I can't believe that I've finally hit this milestone.  It seemed so far away in the beginning and I felt like I would never make it.

Physically, I feel huge.  Everybody keeps telling me that I'm all belly and that if it wasn't for the belly (and boobs) nobody would be able to tell that I was pregnant.  I've noticed my hands, feet, and ankles swelling up some.  Actually, I had a discussion with Drew the other day about whether my ankles were swollen or fat.  My vote was fat, his was swollen.

I've gained 27 pounds so far, and my poor feet can feel it!  I can also feel it when I try to put my socks and shoes on.

My belly button is so ready to pop out.  Every week, when we take my belly picture, I always say that next week my belly button will be popped out.  I can't believe that it hasn't done it yet.

Her movements are absolutely crazy at this point!  I am always wincing as she stretches and rolls around, and my belly contorts into the weirdest shapes as she moves.  As painful as it is, it's amazing too!  I've been able to feel her hiccup for quite a few weeks now.  Sometimes, I can even see my belly move with her hiccups.  Right now, her hiccups are the only way that I can tell if she's head up or down.

My sleep has been awful lately.  I truly believe that all the getting up in the middle of the night to pee is simply practice for when the baby actually comes.  Thankfully, I'm able to fall back to sleep quickly when I do wake up.

I have a feeling that the next few weeks are just going to fly by with all of the stuff that we have going on.  I am so anxious and excited to meet our little lady!

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branmuffin said...

You are one beautiful pregnant lady!