Saturday, November 5, 2011

30 Days of Thanks - Day 5

A place

I'm going to be clique and say that the place that I am most thankful for is our home.
It still needs some work, but we have come a long way into making this house our home.  I love having a place to call our own.  We don't plan on staying here forever, but while we are here, we love it.

I am so thankful that God showed this house to us.  We definitely bought it at the right time, and I'm hoping that with the TLC that we're putting into, we'll be able to sell it easily.

I'm incredibly thankful that we have a house to bring our baby home to.  I know that there is nothing wrong with having a baby in an apartment, but, do you know the amount of stuff that you need for a baby?  I'm thankful that we don't have to try and cram all of that stuff in our old apartment!

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