Monday, July 4, 2011

Family on the 4th

My sister-in-law, Jess, her husband, Eric, and our nephew, Wes, are in town for a week (!!) for their summer visit.  They arrived from GA late Saturday, but due to us having chores to do around the house to get ready for Wes' birthday party this coming Saturday, today was the first day that we got to spend a good chunk of time with them.  They came over to our house, along with Drew's parents and grandma, to grill out and spend the day together.

We grilled a great lunch of hamburgers, brats, a hotdog for me, corn on the cob, potato salad, chips, and seasoned oyster crackers. 

Here's Jess and Wesley watching the domino game after lunch.

We almost always play dominos anytime we spend time with Drew's grandma and parents.
I'm pretty sure that Debbie won, but I wasn't following the game too closely.

While the game was going on, Jess took Wes into the yard to visit with the dogs.
Wes really seemed to like Maya and Maya seemed to do pretty good with the baby.

I love having family over!  This was the perfect way to spend the 4th of July.

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