Saturday, July 9, 2011

Wesley's First Birthday

Our house was the location for our nephew's first birthday party today.  He finished the basement just in time to set up for the party and have everybody over.

I started by taking a few shots of the inside decorations.

This is Kristen and Jessica, who are cousins.  Kristen and her daughter, Madison, were our first guests in our brand new guest room. 
Drew was "volunteered" to be the griller. 
4 generation picture.  The woman in the yellow is Drew's mom's sister.

The birthday boy with his parents.
Another 4 generation picture.
Cake time!!!  Jess ordered a 10 inch cake for Wes' smash cake, not fully realizing how big a 10 inch cake is.  That sucker was huge!!

He was so not impressed!!!
There's a smile for me!!
His dad, Eric, was so sweet and smeared Wesley's hand all over his face.  Wes was such a trooper.
After everybody ate cake, it was time for presents.  Wes was very excited for the paper.
This was our present to Drew and I bought it, not just because I figured that Wes would love it, but because I knew that Jess would just love to pick up all of those balls.  "It's 100 more!!!!!!!"
Kristen and Jessica came up with this idea to put all of the balloons around a chair to take a picture of Wes.  Wes was not very stoked about it at first.
We finally got a smile out of him though.  What a cutie!

We had such a great time opening up our home for Wesley's party and having so many family and friends over.  Wes was so good.  I can't believe that he's going to be one soon.  Time flies!

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RachShott said...

Oh my gosh! He is so big! He's going to be a giant, lol. I'm sorry I missed it. :( Also, he looks sooooo mcuh like Drew! OH MY GAH. :)