Saturday, July 23, 2011

Family Reunion

Today, Drew and I drove to Crystal Lake for the annual beach day/family reunion for Drew's side of the family.  We were all supposed to meet at 10 AM, but the rain forced us to move our meeting time back to 1 PM.  Thankfully, the rain left us and we had a beautiful day.

After everybody had eaten and play a little bit, I decided to start taking some photos.  This is Rhett with George (I think.  I have all of the aunt/uncles and cousins down, it's the 2nd cousins that still confuse me.  Drew's dad's side of the family is LARGE and I still think they all need name tags).  Poor little guy was all sorts of tuckered out from swimming.

Great minds think alike!  This is Carrie.  Her and her husband, Stephen, live in the DC area.  We just found out today that they are expecting their first child in January.  And, as if that wasn't exciting enough news, Stephen's job is sending them to Bangkok in a year for a few years.  Amazing!

Jerrad's daughter, Beatrice is the newest member of the W clan.  She is a beauty!

This is Annie, Rhett and Katy's newest addition.  She is stunning!

Drew's cousin, Luke, and his family are back here visiting from where they live in Zambia.  They have lived there for quite a few years now.  I met them for the first time before Drew and I got married.  They are doing missions work there.  Luke has the biggest heart for God.  He prayed over Drew and I before we left.  I think that it's so powerful to watch the way God speaks through him.

Every time that I leave after spending time with Drew's family, I feel so blessed and thankful for the family that I have married in to. 

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