Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Place To Rest Our Heads

When Drew and I moved in together, we were first sleeping on my full sized bed. We quickly realized that that was not going to work for very long. Drew's parents bought a new bed and were kind enough to give us their old bed. We have been so grateful to have a king bed to sleep on.

The only bad thing is that their mattress is more than 30 years old. That's old for a mattress! Drew has been complaining non-stop about how uncomfortable the bed is. And I'd be lying if I didn't agree.

Drew did some contracting work in January and I agreed that with the money he made we could buy a new mattress. We shopped around at the local stores here and Drew decided that he liked a Trump Home mattress from Serta.

I didn't have too many opinions on the mattresses. As long as it wasn't a memory foam and it was plush. Have you laid on a memory foam mattress? Absolutely horrible! Your body sinks into this hole as the foam forms around you. Then, when you want to roll over and change positions, you have to hoist yourself out of said hole and create a whole new hole. Can you imagine me doing that when I'm hugely pregnant? I shudder to think the size of the hole that I would create. Horrible!!

So, Drew purchased the new mattress on Thursday and we will be receiving it a week from today.

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Ben and Juliana said...

i remembere when we bought our mattress, it was heaven.