Monday, April 27, 2009

'Cause You've Gotta Have Friends

Our new "tenants" have been living here for about 2 1/2 weeks now. They are Mike, his wife, Becca, and their two sons, Andy (almost 4) and Johnny (5 months). Along with them also came their two pets, a beagle named Toby and a cat named Mercury. I was probably the most worried about the fact that two new animals were coming into our house. Simon has been an only pet since we got him and he has not had any good experiences with other animals.

Simon's new favorite activity is hanging out in the bathrooom sink.
He absolutely L-O-V-E-S when I turn the faucet on so that it's a slow steady steam. He sits there for a while and drinks it and plays with it. He is one happy little kitty!!
When everybody moved in, we just kind of let the animals do their own thing. We each picked up our cats and let them sniff at each other until they squirmed to get out of our arms. It was a few days before Simon began venturing downstairs to see what exactly Mercury was and what he was doing here. It only took a day or two of cautious sniffing and a couple bats at each other for Simon and Mercury to become best friends.
These two are inseperable now! Mercury is upstairs more than he is downstairs. (I think that part of that reason may be because I actually give him some affection.) Most of the time, Simon and Mercury are side by side. Or at least not far from each other.
I walked in on the two of them the other day and Simon was licking Mercury. At that point, I walked out to where everybody else was and said, "Great, now we're going to have to get another cat when you leave!" I am really happy though that Simon and Mercury have made friends. That was a true statement though. I have a strong feeling that when they move out and take Mercury with them that Simon will be lonely. It will then be only a matter of time before we adopt another family member.

Drew is lobbying for a dog. He's going to have to keep wishing for that one for a long time!!!


Hannah Noel said...

Wow! you're lucky that they get along! Most cats I've seen that have been living a "one-cat-house" life haaattee other cats and get in cat-fights.
btw-- that last picture could so easily be turned into a lolcat picture!

Tania said...

I know, I absolutely couldn't believe it either! Simon's usually such a snot with other animals. Is an lolcat picture those ones that always have the funny saying with them?