Monday, November 3, 2014

Four Months - Harrison

Dear Harrison,

I feel like this past month has been forever.  For some odd reason, it feels like time has slowed down.  Maybe it's listening to me?  This month has seen a huge leap in your awareness and social responsiveness.  I adore watching you watch things.  I can just see your little brain working to process it all.

This month has been the suck for sleep!  Buddy, what happened to my good little sleeper??  You went from sleeping so well at night to waking two and three times.  I'm exhausted!  This sleep regression has been rough.  Naps are still pretty much the same, but there's been a decline in the quality of those too.  I know that we'll get back on track, I'm just anxious for it to happen.  I also need to start working on getting you into your crib to sleep.  Naps are still in your swing, and nights are in the RNP in Mom and Dad's room.  You had your first crib nap this month, and did fairly well.  It lasted about 35-40 minutes. Not too shabby.  I just need to get better at working on it with you.
Your hands are ALWAYS in your mouth.  I keep telling you that I'm going to have to watch you because one day I'll look down and see that you've chomped off a finger.  You are also a horrible drooler.  I've had an amber necklace on you for weeks now, but I haven't seen any improvement in the drooling.  I keep checking your gums, but I don't feel any teeth.  If you teeth like your sister, it'll be a while!

My favorite thing that has happened this month is that you've started giggling!  It's so soft and quiet, but it absolutely melts my heart.  Of course, I make a fool out of myself trying to get you to giggle.  You usually oblige!  I got you to crack up in the bathtub one night.  I was so sad because I wasn't able to get it on video.

I've noticed that your spitting up and colic have gotten a little better.  You still do spit up, but it's not as severe as it used to be.  You also seem to be the most cranky when you're tired, instead of just all the time.  I try to watch for clues that you give when you're tired, but it's hard.

This month brought a bunch of fall firsts for you.  We took you to the pumpkin patch, the apple orchard, and Halloween.  You really didn't care, but I loved being able to take you.  As I watched your sister run around, I kept thinking about what you'll be like next year when you're running around with her.
I can already see such a deep love between you and her.  You both are infatuated with each other. As your mom, I hope that that love continues to grow and strengthen.  I hope that you both are each other's biggest fans.  Annelise always asks to hold you and wants to play with you and love on you.  You watch her with such intense interest.  When you light up and smile as you watch her, my heart skips a beat and I know that having the two of you so close together was worth it.

I transitioned you into 9 month clothing this month.  Yes, you are a big boy!  Everybody always comments about how big you are.  I feel like I got jipped out of my tiny, squishy baby because you seemed to grow up overnight.

My boy, I never once doubted that my heart would expand to love you.  I look forward to each day and watching you grow and learn.

Love always,

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